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Updated Dress Code Policy 8.1.2017


· Shirts and Undershirts: Short and long sleeve polo shirts and button down Oxford shirts with collars are acceptable. Acceptable colors are dark green, royal blue, navy, white and tan. Undershirts may be worn in the same colors. All shirts and undershirts must be solid in color.

· Pants/ Skirts, Shorts & Skorts: Docker-style dress pants, capris or cargo pants in navy, tan or black are allowed. Spandex, fancy zipper styles, denim and stretch denim are not acceptable. Bottoms must reach to at least mid-thigh; cutoffs are not acceptable.

· Shoes: Must be closed toe and closed heel. Tennis shoes and/or dress shoes with rubber soles are acceptable. Stacked or higher heeled shoes are not acceptable for safety reasons.

· Jewelry: Limited to small, inconspicuous items. No chunky chains, necklaces, bracelets, or large hoop earrings (no larger than a quarter).

· Outer Garments: The Dress Code Policy shall not prohibit students from wearing coats, jackets, sweaters, or other appropriate outer garments when necessary due to weather conditions or for other legitimate reasons and shall be the appropriate size for the student, shall not be overly baggy, nor violate any other provision of the Policy. Inside the classroom, outer garments shall be removed, unzipped, or left open to allow for the school uniform to be visible. Long overcoats, sweatshirts, or sweaters that might serve to conceal contraband shall be removed immediately upon arrival at the school or function. When outer garments with a hood are worn, the hoods must be removed from the head, while on school property or school sponsored event.

** Administration reserves the right to make decisions on individual dress code issues. Dress code violations will result in disciplinary action.

** Si usted necesita asistencia traduciendo esta informacion por favor contactar (407) 933-1690.

*revised 8-2017

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